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Movement and The Great Outdoors:

Amanda taking in all nature has to offer

Get moving and get outside!!

I believe spending time in mother nature with her power and beauty, is a strong way to get aligned and feel grounded. This could be sitting and meditating on a hilltop, in a field, or by the ocean. This could mean doing a hobby that makes you feel alive, such as skiing/snowboarding, dancing, hiking, rafting or a run around the block. Sometimes just standing next to a huge granite boulder can put things into perspective. We are here to love and enjoy what is all around us. Nature is a guide who never judges us. So get out there and let your soul shine!

The power of movement is another way to create health and balance in our lives. Exercising regularly will boost your immunity and help balance a ton of hormones in your body. It increases your oxygen intake and gets your juices flowing so your joints and muscles are functioning at best. My favorite two benefits of exercising are: it regulates my appetite and reduces nagging cravings, and also aids my a great nights sleep! Can you imagine all the issues movement can cure!!