Authentic Alignment Wellness



What Clients Are Saying…

Working with Amanda rekindled a spark.  Through anchoring into my 5 senses and a few fundamental breathing exercises, I felt I could sustain my practice not just during the 12 weeks but beyond our sessions and into my daily rituals and routine.

I am usually deflated by these types of courses when they “end,” and I end up back where I started- but that was NOT the case with Authentic Alignment! It’s Amanda’s vitality and mentoring, her encouragement and all of the challenges she proposed that buoyed me along the journey through deep introspection and joyful discovery.  I was delighted each week to unwrap so many “ah ha” moments, laugh a lot together, and even unearth limiting beliefs I thought I’d already addressed in other trainings.  Thank you, Amanda, for being authentic and lighting the way for my path to thrive!

Danielle P.

I had the pleasure of being coached by Amanda through the initial cleanse and the 90-day Alignment program.  Both experiences gave me tools and knowledge on how to improve my quality of life, and really provided balance to a hectic schedule.   Having the support and a positive role model to make me accountable was something I looked forward to every week.  I have been inspired by Amanda’s passion for living a healthy lifestyle, and her desire to share it with others.  She is an amazing coach!

Kim R.

Amanda was truly an inspiring life coach during a time that I needed it most. Her words of encouragement and the very valuable advice she gives is unbelievable. She helped me to start to overcome my biggest issues with communication and expressing my feelings in a way that benefits not only myself but those I am in communication with, on many topics, from seemingly simple to very difficult. I recommend her services to anyone who needs some quality professional advice/guidance from someone who you will feel is more like a friend.

Tamra P.

I started my Authentic Alignment journey with The Awareness Cleanse. Amanda has held my hand the entire way! I put my trust into her and her plan 100%.

I had fallen off the wagon and needed the coaching and motivation to get healthy again. Amanda provided recipes, new ideas, and held me accountable every day. She didn’t mind me texting her multiple times a day with questions (can I eat this? I’m showing this symptom, etc.) no matter how dumb they may have seemed. I came into this with little knowledge of how to eat/drink in order to truly cleanse my body. 

I saw results in the first 3 days! I lost 5 pounds in the first week and felt less bloated and had more energy right away. I even got my butt back to the gym which I hadn’t done in over 6 months.

She was motivating and LISTENED to what I was saying and the signs my body were showing. She was flexible and informative. I cannot give her enough credit. My body is more clean than ever and I have her to thank. I cannot wait to keep this up in my life for the days to come.

Jessica M.

I did a month-long coaching program with Amanda recently and it was just what I needed to jump start my healing after ending a 4-year relationship. We had a video meeting two times a week as well as morning and evening check-ins via text to keep my goals present and achievable! The questions she asked and the activities we did were very illuminating and helpful, as well as fun! Amanda’s approach is very non-judgmental and accepting. She sits with you in a loving way as you process all sorts of thoughts and feelings. I definitely recommend reaching out to Amanda if you are looking for a holistic approach to healing mind, body and soul.

Jessica R.