Authentic Alignment Wellness

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About Me:

I have been working with people who are out of their elements since 2012. I started as a snowboard instructor and filled my offseasons in by becoming a whitewater raft guide. You could say I’ve met a lot of people and have coached them through some very uncomfortable times. Let me tell you, I love every second of it!

“My passions are aligned”

What I also loved was working in a tea shop learning all about natural remedies and tea making. This sparked the health freak inside me. From there, I began experimenting. I would try different internal or external remedies to see how they worked on my personal body or any guinea pigs I could rally. This lead to experimenting with diets. I began to really listen to what I put into my body and pay attention to how my body digested it. Would my energy go up or down? Would I go to the bathroom regularly or would there be a dramatic difference?

Then I found the Health Coach Institute. I was hesitant at first (aren’t we always our own worst critic?). But I knew in my heart that coaching people through health and wellness is what I have been training for my whole life. My passions are all aligned. I have found my calling and am ready to get the world living in alignment with their authentic selves.