Authentic Alignment Wellness

Start With a Discovery Session

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I specialize in coaching men and women to prioritize and organize so they can go from feeling scattered and out of control to in control and thriving with a relaxed outlook.

When my clients come to me they are ready to open up and beheard. Together we shine light to all the parts that make them up. The loud ones, the quiet ones, the ones we didn’t even know were there…

I create a safe space to do the inner and outer work. During a session we might work on beliefs that have us stuck, that cloud up our brain with busy repeating thoughts. Beliefs that we have carried for years. Or we might look at an area of your life that needs organization before we can go further. Oftentimes I find that the scattered lifestyle and the sense of being out of control can be shifted when we take action, become honest with ourselves, and speak up for what we want.

Through my own personal journey of self growth I noticed I thrive the most when my physical and mental states are clear. From there I am able to operate fully, authentically, and confidently toward the life I desire. It brings me such joy and fulfillment to be able to offer this gift to the world. Are you ready?